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Polar Bear Ski with new Wake Setter and Surf Gate

Headed out to the Skiers Pier in Waterford MI this morning to join in the annual Polar Bear Ski they host for charity. Got a chance to try out the new Soulcraft board I recently got behind one of the new Wake Setters equipped with the Surf Gate. Unfortunately we had some real difficulties getting anything close to a surf wake out of the boat. To be fair we were on a very small lake and there were only four guys on the boat and one of them was my 7 year old nephew. I'm certain with some time and tuning we could have done much better but riding in 34 degree water just isn't the time to explore ballast and wedge configurations. At least not when I'm the guy in the water. In the mere 2 - 3 minutes I spent in the water waiting to get picked up thoughts of the Titanic came rushing in. Dang that water was cold.

Sadly we were barely able to get much more than a 2' wake out of the boat and both my brother in law and I had real trouble getting the board to run. I'm praying my trusty X2 will make the board come alive and ride the way it was intended.
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