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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
I'd say he's being honest about it (and maybe venting a little). I'd rather buy one that I knew "everything" about than one that the owner knew very little about or was tight lipped regarding problems.
I had to pry all that type of info out of the PO of my X2 and honestly it turned me off, but I gambled on the extremely low hrs it had and got lucky. COulda had low hrs because it spent it's life in the shop, but turns out it really just wasn't used much.
I wouldnt ever sell a boat knowing it was a piece of "crap". Mastercraft is doing everything in their power to make my boat how it should have been when we bought it. props to them, and MAJOR props to TX Mastercraft. Hopefully this is the last time it goes back to the shop. dealing with them reminds me why we bought a Mastercraft.

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