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Was able to do a little work on the boat today, pulled the engine and transmission. Separated the engine/trans and got the engine on a stand so that I can more easily work on it. Can't decide on what I want to do with the engine. The engine was supposedly rebuilt two seasons ago, but I have never seen it run. Probably will pull the valve covers tomorrow and see if there is any gunk and then go from there. Also, not sure what was going on but when I removed the oil cooler hose there was some pinkish gobs mixed in with the water from the hose. I wish I had taken a picture of the gunk. I was thinking transmission fluid mixed, but I pulled the transmission dipstick and it looks clean. I guess really the only way to tell would be to drain the transmission. Here a few pictures from today. Not the best quality as I forgot my regular camera and had to use my phone.

Stringers are completely rotted at all motor mounts/trans mounts

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