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Originally Posted by MattsCraft View Post
I have read all the negative post about these switches, maybe I have been lucky, '09 385 hours and nary a problem. (probably just jinxed myself) Not sure if people are too rough on them or what Personally don't like the older style toggles, hard to tell 0n/off//switch them inadvertently.
Weird, I had 3 or 4 switches on my 06 break within thee first few months when I bought it in 09. After that I scored a deal on a complete set of take out switches from someone who changed all their switches out to a differnt color to match their boat better.
SInce I bought that bag of switches I have only broke 1 in the last 3 years! Good insurance I guess.......and no I don't want to sell any! They are my insurance against future broken switches!

I thought my switch failures were possibly from the boat sitting/being stored in the heat of the desert southwest for 4 yrs before I bought it. Maybe brittle or something. Then thought maybe the switches that got used the most or abused (bumped), but most of the ones that broke were the ones that were rarely if ever used and the out of the way ones. Haven't lost any of the ballast or blower switches (most used). They have been the odd ball stuff like the shower which was never used until I installed a shower, nav/anchor lights which was never used, etc.
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