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Originally Posted by jeverett View Post
I do like harbor freight for one thing. I had to do some gel coat work so I bought one of their cheap spray guns and used it once and then threw it away so I didn't have to use a ton of Acetone to clean it afterward.
I bought one of their regular spray guns (my old one had water-based contact cement and I thought it was solvent-based, so it rotted the pot) and that worked as well as I could have hoped, so I bought one of the gravity-feed HVLP conversion guns and shot my kitchen cabinets with Minwax satin poly- it's flawless. I sprayed more poly and some shellac for some things I was refinishing and those were flawless, too. I bought a second gun as well as a smaller one when they were on sale- for the price, I have a hard time believing spending more will be any better. I also use their little filters that fit into the bottom of the container. Easy cleanup, decent regulator and all I have to do is make sure no moisture gets in.

It's like anything else- pick the better items and leave the rest.
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