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I have the same trailer but single axle. I restored it this summer. It started out better than yours (98). I needle gunned the frame to bare metal pretty much and POR-15'd and then enameled it. Tires, brakes, etc etc,,,, as well.

But, rust is inside the channels. At the rear there are probably drain holes. Hopefully your fingers won't find, like my littles ones did--cancer rust and bad....When I told the Admiral, that was the humbling part.

I'm hoping to get a dry storage spot at the nearby base marina, then there is not so much risk of the trailer frame disintigrating while most probably on the highway....

Until then I'm taking chances. Heck, even launching poses a durn risk.

I HATE #$*#@* RUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone got Santa's real address? I think I'll write and ask him to get some elves going to have me a new one made by Christmas. BUT, I doubt that will happen....

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