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bow teak detail

I have had quite a few questions about the teak finsh on the bow. Some have thought it is a special spray job , others asking about whether laminates were used. Basically I used 50mm x 4mm burmese teak strips that were rough cut to shape and bedded in polyurethane bonding agent. The edges were shaped and the gaps between the strips were filled with a flexible marine epoxy, natural colour. The edges where the glass met the wood had to be filled with polester filler and shaped to look clean and flawless. Enjoy the pics.

Step 1
I purchased soem teak from a guy who had some leftover after doing a yacht job. I had it machnined to strips of 50mm x 4mm. The strips were dry laid on the bow and rough cut to shape. They were then screwed in positioned with the screws used to create equal gaps. The screw positions were marked and each piece was coded so that I knew where to put it when the bedding compound had been put down.
Name:  bow teak rough cut to shape and positioned.jpg
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Step 2
The screws and marked/coded pieces were removed. Surface was prepped with 60 grit and acetone washed. Polyurethane bedding compound was applied to both surfaces and the pieces were put back into positon and screwed into place.
After drying the screws were removed and the teak was shaped with 80/120 sandpaper to original the profile of the bow.
Name:  bow teak hand shaped and seams cleaned out.jpg
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Step 3
The seams had to be filled with epoxy and the edges had to be keyed ( hundreds of small drill holes ) and filled with a variety of polyester fillers ranging from medium to fine, then hand shaped and refilled till perfect.
Name:  bow teak, creating the edge before priming.jpg
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Step 4
The surface had to be sanded flat to create a unifom flat surafec 120/180/220 crade sandpapers.
Name:  bow teal shaped and filled with epoxy, sanded level.jpg
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Surafce was cleaned with a water, sealed with sanding sealer and finallly sprayed after rest of spray job was complete.
Name:  bow showing teak detail.jpg
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