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Phender Pro group buy

Just to be clear - I am not affiliated with Fender Pro in any way...

You may have seen the recent thread where someone mentioned that Phender Pro are being used by Cobalt and now available on MasterCraft. They are cool looking fender mounts. , or see the attached brochure.

I've contacted them, and yes, they're happy to do a group buy at good discount. All we need to do is buy 20 clips between the group - so 3 or 4 boat's worth.

I've attached their brochure below. It is the cadillac of fender clips, and priced accordingly.

Here's what you need to know
1) we cannot get the mastercraft logo on them unless you buy them through mastercraft.
2) for each fender, you need to buy two pieces - the pin (with or without rope to attach fender), and the retrofit receiver
3) the discounted price for the pin is $XX.XX without rope and $YY.YY with rope.
4) the discounted price for the receiver is $ZZ.ZZ
5) on top of that, you need the special tool shown in the video to install them at $16 for the tool. It is reuseable for multiple installations, so you can share it with a team talk friend. You'll also need a 3/8" allen wrench.
6) This is still expensive. I would consider I need 6 clips for my boat, and I'd do my own fender lines. So the total for my three fenders in 6 locations (i.e. 3 on each side of the boat) would be ($XX.XX* 3 + $ZZ.ZZ * 6) + 16 = $AAA.AA plus shipping.
7) Installation looks fairly simple, although its not for the faint of heart - you'll need to drill 1" holes in your boat and not hit cables/ wires/ structural supports for the tower. See their video here
8) The group buy is the easy part. When we get to 3 or 4 boat's worth, we'll each contact the manufacturer and put in our own order to be shipped to our own address. They'll ship when they get the required minimum and bill you the discounted price.

So please ask questions on the phender pro. I'll accumulate them and then get the manufacturer to answer them. If you're interested in buying, please post and I'll start a list. We'll put the orders in when it makes sense to do so - not sure if this is before or after Christmas.

By the way - someone posted that the price for the MC version was $116. Can anyone check with Mastercraft to see if this was the pin only, or the pin plus receiver? Somehow I think its the pin only. I guess there's nothing stopping anyone form buying the receiver here, and the pin from mastercraft if you want the logo.
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