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11/27/12 Update!!!

I have an update!!

I received word back from MasterCraft's T-shirt manufacturer on the colors available as well as sizes.

Sizes will be available for S-XL, 2XL's will be an additional $2 each. I need to find out if kids T sizes are available, or just S-XL kids. Ill update when I know that.

Estimated Timeframe
Orders should be on my doorstep within 2 weeks of placing the order. After that, it's up to me to get the order all confirmed, sorted, packaged, addressed, and shipped. That'll be my after work project for a week, I'm sure. I'll do my absolute best to have these to everyone by Christmas. That's my goal anyway.


Shirt - $16(+$2 for 2XL sizes)
US Shipping - $3.00 for first shirt, $2.00 per additional shirt.
Canadian Shipping - $1.00 for each envelope, plus whatever shipping costs to Canada. I haven't checked into this yet, but will this week. estimates about $7.50 for a 1.5lb envelope to Alberta, I'll get more specifics on this.

Shirt prices have ink change charges built into them.
Shipping Charges include 1.00 for the envelope on first shirt, and an estimated cost on the weight of the package per shirt of $2.00 I can fit 3 shirts max per envelope. More than 3 shirts will require a second envelope. Second envelopes may also be required with larger sizes.

Here are the shirts we will be using. These are a Tri-Blend shirt to keep them vintage looking. This means these shirts are not 100% cotton, so if that's a problem please let me know and I'll take you off the list. If I forgot something I'll update this later... gotta get back to work.

Mens -
Ladies -
Youth Boys -
Youth Girls -

Colors that were NOT available:

Light Blue

Dark Green (there is a green thats lighter, however)

Youth Boys
Pink (lol)
Light Blue

Youth Girls
Royal Blue
Light Blue

If you have childrens shirts on order, I will PM you to specify between boys and girls (I wasnt aware they had different shirts for different genders ahead of time).

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