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Ok boys I got the JL C2525x speakers. I went into Earmark and was gunhoe set on the C3 but he told me to buy the C2's. we discussed it for 5 minutes and then I took a tour of their shop. They had a nice yellow X80 in there and a Cobalt that were getting tricked out. Real nice guys there.

We discussed amp settings and when I got to my boat tonight they were the same settings as I had before. The speakers sound [email protected] and are well worth the trouble. I hooked them up and installed them along with the front dash just to make sure that they fit. The deck height is taller on the C2 than the TR 525's.

Here are more pics of the install.

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It's a tight fit but will work.

I need to put the driver glass on but other than that it is coming around real nice.
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