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What amp do you have running the 2 tower speakers now?

Does that amp run any of the cabin speakers?

The JL speakers M7.7's run on 100w rms, since there is a very wide selection of amps out there how the boat is wired currently will be a huge deciding factor.

Personally I would try to put every speaker on its own channel. A lot of guys like to run speakers in series or in parallel. This starts fooling with ohms, and how efficient the speaker operates. If you start trying to cram 10# into a 1# sack your speakers will be quality speakers that sound like crap.

For example: you have an amp with 150w rms per channel and you run 2 speakers off of that one channel. Ok that's fine to run 100w JL 7.7 on 75w and that will be loud but it will not be run at 4 ohms that speaker is designed to do. Yes the speaker will work in 2ohms and will work in 8ohms but they are designed to run in 4ohms.

There are a LOT of folks that will disagree with me but there is a reason the manufacture company recommends a certain ohm, impedance level, xover, continuous power rating, peak power max, recommended rms, etc. All of those effect clarity and efficiency of the speaker.

It's real easy to make something loud. Making it real loud and crystal clear being efficient is a whole different ball game.
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