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Originally Posted by Aric'sX15 View Post
... and easier for my girlfriend to program the perfectpass...
I actually have come to kind of like the 2010 Big setup. For the most part you could still operate everything if the screen went dead since you still have manual switches. Ballast - operated by switches and you can tell it is full when water comes out the side. The attitude adjustment plate you can tell just by how the boat is on plain correctly. The radio - honestly I never use the big screen to adjust the radio as it is a PITA - I have a remote in the helm area anyways.

The exception is Perfect Pass and well you are going to have to have some kind of electronic module and an output screen of some sort to have it. So in the end you are going to be dependent on electronics for PP. BTW, at one point they updated the software on my BIG (viper module) and now there is at least some instructions at the bottom of the screen that says what buttons do which functions. So you only have to know to look there to make adjusting PP settings (and other things) much easier. Prior to that it was very cumbersome and you kind of had to guess at the buttons. Now it is much easier.

Also with the 2010 setup you easily set the timer for the ballast tanks. You can see any fault codes the ECM throws along with a text explanation.

I still very much like my X-15. Every once in a while I kick around a bigger boat (i.e. X-25) but I barely get the X-15 into the garage as it is. Maybe someday I'll cure the garage issue and then...
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