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I've looked at this in detail but just haven't pulled the trigger. I have a 06 x1. There are 2 advantages you MAY get. 1. Smaller slalom wake at slower speeds. It won't likely help alot over 32mph but at 26 to 32 I think it will. 2) The wakeboard wake is huge for people for learning to ski, wakeboard and kneeboard at slower speeds. Will help this a lot. There is limited space below the drain plug so you'll have to customize the mounting plate for the tab itself. I have tried to find flow diagrams for that hull to make sure it would be worth the money. I still may add it this summer. I you do let me know. PS it won't help the surf or wakeboard wakes other than smaller. I my X1 I run 400 in the middle bow, 150 port bow seat, 850 port locker KGB full and 400 on back seat port side. Really nice long wake for this hull.
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