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Originally Posted by 76S&S View Post
Oil level is good and recently changed. I don't think it is the injector connector as when they work loose you usually loose that entire bank (side) of the engine.

It was dark when I last started it and I did notice smoke but couldn't see the color.

I think I'm going to pick up an infrared thermometer from HF, start the motor and check the temps on each cylinder. This should narrow it down. Assuming I can narrow it down to one cylinder, then I will pull the valve cover, start the motor and unplug the injector to see if it stumbles or if there isn't a change. If no change, I'll look at replacing the injector.

The valve covers have 2 connectors on each cover. There are 2 glow plugs, and 2 injector connectors in each connector. You can have a single injector connection fail inside the valve cover. You maybe able to use an OHM meter and read the resistance from the injectors to ground.
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