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The problem with most fender locks is there is a trade off between esthetics and convience vs reliability and functionality. Cost and install accessability also come into play.

Many of the fixed location side mounts look good but are not adjustable, especially where adjustability is needed most midships.
If a boat is always docked at the same location then fixed fenders are fine and look awsome, CottagerGreg is a great example.
If a boat has changing locaitons like between a low private dock and higher setting commercial docks or rafts up to a variety of boats, fender height may change from water level to above the rub rail.

Several examples which can be found on a variety of websites usually by several different mfg. - - Push pin cleats sans the fancy MC logo, mushroom and pull up. - perko / attwood - slide ring has a tendency to release when fenders are pushed up - interesting but have never seen installed.,++2+Pack.html

These are all neat inventions.
For me, a side 4 1/2" pull up cleat is most functional if a permenant location is desired. Flexible as a spring line point and a quick, secure, adjustable fender mount.
For our wakeboard boats, I like the higher hanging option our tower provides especially when mooring against taller boats and docks. The fender can be placed at the rub rail or even above. The fact some might deem a hanging fender less attractive pales compared to a scratch due to misaligned fender.
The various hangers work ok too but are usually more trouble than they are worth. I rig my Big B with 9' of line. Hang, wrap 3 times and tie with a half bow. Flexible, fast and secure.
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