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Originally Posted by munkymush View Post
ive just bought an x5 yr 2003. the guy i bought it off has had the 2 speedo pipes disconnected from where they connect to some sort of module on the drivers foot well bulkhead.. he says they were not needed as it has perfect pass fitted,which is true i suppose.. also he reckons they could get water go up the pipes into the module and blow it?causing an expensive repair? im not familiar with this setup is this a possibility or am i safe to connect one back work along side perfect pass? . the speedos pickup from the std pitots?? (is that correct terminology)
In a moment of stupidity about 7 years ago I kicked my module which is mounted towards the front of the bulkhead under the drivers dash and broke off the piece that the hoses mount to. After cruising for about 10 minutes I noticed my entire cockpit carpet was soaked. Took me all of about 3 minutes to realize that the water was just spraying out of the tubes that were now open. Problem was no water comes through unless you are cruising. I just clamped off the tubes and flipped up the pickups on the transom. Perfect pass speedo is fine for me.

So yes, there is water 'pressure' in those tubes. I've never heard of one 'leaking' and blowing a module but it could get the area wet, theoretically.
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