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Wow - thanks for all of the quick replies.

If you had your choice of getting the mcx engine or the powerslot transmission, which would you prefer? The boat I am considering has the mcx with the 1:1 tranny. Is it worth it to find the powerslot?

We will be doing a lot of dock skiing. We are right on the lake, but it does get windy on our side, so we head a mile across the lake to a course when needed. Our lake can get some big rollers during the day. How will a 197 handle that type of water?

I guess my biggest concerns are getting something too small that will have a tough time in rough waters and a boat that my kids grow out of in 3-4 years. I guess that wouldn't be that big of a deal if I picked up a 197 and used it for that time and then looked into a x14 in 4 years. I can't swing $40 K right now for a X14.

This might be barking up the wrong tree, so please don't ban me of my hardcore MC friends said something to me about a Malibu Sunsetter lxi. He said the ski wake was nice and a big family boat, but the fit and finish of Malibu is not up to par with MC. Any thoughts?
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