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Depending on the overall condition, I don't believe the price is out of line. With new interior and a tower, if it's in great shape I think that is reasonable...or at least where I would expect. $25k is lowball, in my opinion, unless the upholstery was redone because of abuse and the boat has dings all over it.

FWIW, my 2003 TT 197 was well taken care of and we never had one issue with the upholstery. No cracks, stains, or thread tears. Just sold mine with about 400 hours on it. It's all in how you take car of things.

Assuming the boat runs smoothly and the condition is very clean, the only issue I see is lack of a speed control. That is one of those items that is very nice to have, but is pricey to add later. And once you've had speed control, you won't want to do without it.

Also consider the 2004 is on the same hull running through the 2013 models, which will sell new for $50k +. So suddenly $29k really doesn't sound that bad if it is well maintained and runs strong.

In short, the boat is worth what a willing buyer and seller agree upon.
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