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Originally Posted by jgraham37128 View Post
I used suction cups on my last boat and one fell off in the middle of the night cost about $1,000 to fix the next week while it plowed against the dock in the night and the next morning. Won't do that again, please beware. They may be fine for going into a store or getting gas but I would NOT ever leave my boat unattended for any amount of time with them. I never had a problem till that night either.
Originally Posted by bsloop View Post
Fenders tied with ropes for the main fenders is the best. I have not found a good system of suction cups or hangers that was any easier or effective and have dropped several into the water.

We dont even know what kind of boat or existing cleat locations OP has.
I have added an extra set up pull up cleats to the rear corners of mine. Ski boats are notorious for poor or non-existant cleats. If you are into social rafting or overnight docking, dont be afraid to add additional cleats. Use larger backing plates and ideally add a couple layers of fiberglass reinforcement and you will never wish they were not there. Stainless welding when you rip out rails or interior repair from torn handles used to tie off sucks and costs more than just doing it right.

8" Taylor made Big B is a reliable fender. The Big B is pure usable fender, no eyes to bend funny or take up extra room.
I use 10's at the tower and 8's on the rear with another 6 and 4 for those odd points. Big fenders are the best solution for a relaxing day in the cove and no excuses for scratches.
I tried the suction cup things when I had my old boat. I did not take me long to figure out they were something I did not want to use and threw them away. My fenders get tied on at the rear cleats looping them through, and to the front leg of the tower using a two-half hitch knot just above the knob so that they will not slide down.

The only time I overnight dock is while on vacation. I get there early so that I can get a slip with dock/cleats on both sides of the boat. Then I use "spring lines" on both sides so that the boat is kept away from the dock; I still have fenders deployed. This allows the boat and dock to pitch independently when some yahoo throws a wake in the no-wake zone.

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