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I own an 04 197 and love it. Everyone is right with respect to the vinyl though. 01-04 MC light grey vinyl is aweful and will crack very easily. I have replaced about 50% of mine with a much better quality that looks 99% the same as the original. It sounds like your vinyl is already done which will justify a higher price for that boat. Its not cheap to replace all the vinyl either from MC or aftermarket. I would guess around $2k mark.

Drive by wire isn't something you need or even would notice to be perfectly honest. In fact the 05's had issues with the drive by wire when they initially came out.

Perfect pass can be a marriage saver if you need it, but not a neccissity.

IMHO it's better to pay a few $$ more for a boat that you have the history and maintenace records for. The fact the the actual mechanic vouched for the boat i a huge plus. The new vinyl will also justify a higher price.

Now it is fall/winter so I would offer a few bucks less without insulting the guy and then split the difference.............

Good luck, you are going to be sooooo much happier with a 197 than your outboard!

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