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Originally Posted by dvsone79 View Post
Thanks for the feedback so far. I'm starting to second guess my work. Specifically I'm wondering if the antifreeze got everywhere it needed to go. I probably only ran the engine for 5 minutes on water hose before I switched to antifreeze. Is 5 min long enough to let the thermostat open up? It's being stored in a detached garage in N. Alabama where our winters aren't that severe, but will see several nights and perhaps a few days of freezing temps.
If I was second guessing myself I would do it again especially if you are storing in a detached garage - good reason to do something with the boat then celebrate a job well done with your favorite beverage

..did you see the temp gauge hit 160? I let mine run until 160 for a while then introduce antifreeze.

For the block you could just drain it and store it dry. once it drains pull the impeller and hoses. There's a drain plug on transmission oil cooler - and I also used spin motor a couple of time (safety lanyard off) to get any water out of re-circulation pump.

I switched this year to wet store because of anti corrosion additives in the RV antifreeze.
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