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Originally Posted by SJ. View Post
Simsy, what year Wrangler is that? I have a 12 with the new Pentastar and an x2 on the way, have been wondering how it will do around town. Also changed out the factory hitch for a class 3. Single axel trailer so I'm around 4500 lbs. Just curious.
My biggest concern would not be the overall weight around town, but the tongue weight.
Not sure how the single axle trailers are biased for tongue weight, but the X2 is really nose heavy on a tandem trailer. It'll squat a F150 pretty good.
You might be surprised on the overall weight too. Bet it's greater than 4500lbs unless the boat is stripped out. My X2 with 4 tower speakers, 3 amps, 2 big batteries, full tank of fuel and all the misc crap is well over 5k lbs with trailer. For some reason the X2 tows "heavier" than it's bigger brother the X15. Can't remember the weight exactly, I rolled the scales once after fixing a flat there.
Might look at some TImbrens or something to shore up the @ss end.
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