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Ive ridden both boards and also currently ride a 2011 IBEX, heres my opinion.

2012 Parks- If you choose this board go ATR, much lighter swingweight and a lot faster on the water, I was able to ride this board much longer than my current set up as it required much less effort. I did have a few issues with it though. I ride mainly behind an older boat with not a huge wake, all new boards are designed to work with the massive sizes of wakes now a days and i had a little more trouble getting the pop i was looking for, but overall this board would make for a smooth transistion from the IBEX. Where it lacks in pop it makes up for in speed.

2012 ONE-

This board is FAST!! Slippery on the water and if your not use to landing away from the boat on edge you will catch the wrong edge on landing and smack the water hard! If you are not an advanced rider and by that i mean being able to ride switch throw 3's, backrolls and land blind i would not get this board. It took me an entire weekend to even get use to it, the only way it actually felt good was when i rode at 24 mph and just use the snap of the board to throw tricks. Very difficult to learn on, comparable to the Cookie Board by Ronix, only board harder to learn on is the Timebomb.
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