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Ronix One vs Parks

I'm thinking of buying myself a new board as a holiday gift. Anyone have any direct comparisons of the 2012 Ronix One versus the 2012 Ronix Parks?

I've been riding the Ibex for some time, so my guess is the Parks will feel more familiar to me. I know the Parks has a touch more rocker and a slightly wider waist than the One. From the descriptions Ronix gives, it appears they are selling the Parks as a more versatile, easy to ride board and the One as a pure advanced board, which surprised me somewhat given Parks historic reputation for über aggressive boards. Maybe the knee injuries have him thinking differently now.

I'm really looking for guidance as to how they will feel different on the water and/or what kind of riding styles would be more likely to like one versus the other. I'm quite sure they are both good boards. I had a chance to demo a One, but have not been able to demo a Parks, nor will I before I purchase unfortunately. It took me some time to get use to the One on my demo ride, but eventually I got to the point I felt like I enjoyed it (difficult to change boards when you've ridden the same thing for a number of years) but I have no idea whether it would be better or worse than the Parks board.
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