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Welcome to Texas. More importantly, welcome to The Woodlands! I live in Spring, just on the outskirts of The Woodlands. I think you will really like it here.

I just purchased my first Mastercraft (X2) from Don at Dockside this summer. Great guy. I know everyone has had their own personal experiences with dealerships, but mine was very good. Not only through the sell, but after delivery. He has always been quick to answer my questions or provide assistance. I have not needed to service my boat yet, but when I do I will be using the service department at Dockside. Again, people may have had a bad experience in the past, but it sure seems like they have their stuff together now.

As far as Darryl Moore, I think they sold out. There's a new name on the building. SMG I think? I'll ask my buddy tonight. He's a Malibu guy (the debates never end). I know his last 2 have come from Darryl Moore. Anyway, I wouldn't go to anywhere else but Dockside if you are local and in need of service on your MC. Sounds like you won't need this for a while, though.

As far as storage around Conroe, sorry I can't help on specific locations. I did a little research on this for a while before storing it at my a relatives. It seemed the prices ranged around 125-130/mo for enclosed.

Good luck with the move.

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