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No offense taken. On the contrary I welcome all the feedback.

I understand your points, and that is how I started wakeboarding in my first seasons.

I am not at an advanced level.... few inverts, few spins, big airs ...

But riding at 60 ft (with handle) is just way way too close to the boat for what I prefer and where I am in my riding level. The first hole that I have in my line is marked 65ft. If you add handle, it's like 5 more feet. So I guess total at 70ft. At this lenght, which I already feel kind of on the shorter side, it is harder to dial in wake.

Before getting this boat (x15), which I have not ridden much (80 hours), i learned to ride and progressed on nautiques. Nautique wakes that I remember were narrower, less rampy, but firmer. Maybe that is why I got used to longer lines and narrower wakes at these rope lenghts.
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