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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
You should know that I would NEVER vote a friend to receive that pos ski and I consider you a friend.....

Now the rest of the club may find humor what happened but I didn't.

Since I don't remember the reason why you won the award I will just say. The sky ski could have happened to anyone so whoever voted for a BSA was retarded. But you did break the skyski and if I had done the same thing and won the BSA then I can assure everyone that the BSA would be ashes. If you got it from Oleson ruining you knee, well then the entire club that voted the award to you are ars holes. In either case I think yours should be expunged from the record.

I never voted any kind of BSA award to you.
You consider Mike a friend? Maybe we need to rethink our own friendship! Nah, Mikes a pretty good guy (for a show skier anyways!) Haha - JK

Mike won the BSA because of the jump clinic incident! And yes, he deserved it last year also because he sky skied with the lake low in late summer in a place he knew was iffy! He could have let go... So a nomination was definitely warranted.

And Kyle, if you ever win the award, I guarantee your name will be on it and you'll never gain possession of it.

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Yep, I'm known for saying stupid stuff. I guess its my cross to carry. lol
You've perfected it as an art form Taylor, keep up the good work!
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