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Thanks for the feedback.

I guess there is no boat out there that could work as a solid wakeboard wake, and during the same session, flip into an acceptable slalom wake as well. From what I understand, only the x25 has an acceptable wake with standard ballast. For other boats to come alive, they need additional weight than stock ballast.

Does anyone have any feedback on the x10? Very curious on it's wake characteristics. Is there any user reviews of it?

Regarding the x25. So it is not too bad in term of acceleration, getting on a plane, and making tight turns? Also regarding it's wake, adding additional ballast helps as well? Since it is ok stock, is it overkill to add additional weight?

Lastly, any pointers on what the right setup is for the x15. Right now I have it with all stock ballast full, plug and play bags in back and front compartments full, and a 400lbs bag in the front on the floor. With this I put trim down at 50% and ride at 24 mph with a rope lenght of 65 ft (without handle part). Like this it takes while to get out of the water and to the right speed. I sometimes try to be at 70 ft but wake is not as rampy and clean than at 65ft. Any tips on this setup? Do you recommend doing something different? Any way to narrow wake width. Should I fill everything up to max as I do now, or do more weight in front or back... in other words is it better to be front heavy or back heavy? Also what about trim...

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