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Originally Posted by 501s View Post
I have the X-30 so I can help with that boat. Fist off surf wave is amazing. That's not a priority for you but the wave is world class.

Wakeboar wake is excellent. Here is what i have found. After my last boat and a few otheres I wanted a wake that was clean at all speeds. the X-30 has a VERY clean wake and is easy to dial in. As long as the weight is somewhat balanced, it doesn't wash at all. I love this about my boat. The other thgins is you don't need to go fast with weight. You can load it up with 2500lbs of ballast and run 21mph and the wake is huge and clean. We ride about 22 usually. It is a little wider than my old boat was but it wasn't anything too wide. We have found that the more weight you add the better it gets. We haven't even come close to maxing it out yet and it's still clean for days.

Slalom wake is better than I have seen on other 23ft boats. Its definitley skiable.

Handling, storage, space, rear seat and tower are all things I love about this boat. You can do most everything with the 30 and do it very very well.

Here is the wake with factory weight and than a shot from the rider with an extar 1500lbs. I have a bunch of videos of the wake too if you like.
That first pic is just so sweet looking. Wake stays narrow for quite some distance!
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