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Originally Posted by bjames View Post
Oh man.... I want to wake board so badly... cant wait till spring

Not sure I added enough + signs.

I was hoping that we would get another Indian Summer week in late Nov. Nothing but 60's for highs and chance of rain in the 7-day forecast. My delusions are beginning to crumble like a house of cards! I may go out one more time but not sure if a 2/3mm wetsuit would cut it of if I'm going to have to use the 7mm w/5mm gloves and hood - with all that floatation a PFD will be overkill.

I also feel the X-15's wake is quite wide but that is also my lack of ability (or enough guts to just "go for it"). I shorten the rope to below 65ft to make it easy to get wake-2-wake, at 65 I get wake-2-wake most the time. Otherwise I put it out to 75 and just have a good time on one wake taking the big impact of hitting the rise of the second wake out of the picture. I do need to play with adding some more weight up front.
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