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I've got an X-25 and can speak to it.

Wakeboarding wake with stock ballast is superb. Maybe the best wake of any boat on the water with stock ballast. It's not too wide, has a nice ramp, very solid, a firm lip, even at 22mph and 75' or longer.

It's not as nimble as my old X-2 (205V based) and not as nimble as the X-30 (or presumably X-10). But it's just fine. I have to dock in tight quarters and once I learned that it doesn't turn as quickly as the X-2, which was like a sports car, I had no trouble. Normal driving on the water, turning to pick up a rider, etc. is just fine.

I have the MCX (5.7L) engine and it's plenty enough power and it gets on plane without any problem, with stock ballast. If I load it with a couple thousand more pounds of ballast, it's a bit slow to get on plane. If I did that regularly, I'd reprop, and X-25 owners report that helps a lot. Or I'd get a bigger engine.

I don't ski behind it and wouldn't recommend it. Surf wake is very nice too -- but that takes more ballast. No issue getting to speed for surfing with lots of weight.
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