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you as well ask your boat to resurrect the dead too

not going to happen. only serviceable stock wakeboard wake I've ever ridden is behind a 25, and as aforementioned, you cant ski behind it. any boat is going to need substantial amount of weight above stock to produce a good wakeboard wake.

that being said, i do believe they have made some strides with the cleanliness of the wake at lower speeds. I think levi was on here saying how his wake on the X30, slammed with 2500 or 3k of ballast was still clean down to 22. thats an option if you want to plumb the ballast bags into the stock system, so everything drains from the stock pumps

why are you so adamant about riding at 75 at 22? you have to be a flexible enough rider to accommodate any boat. I'm planning on riding at either 77.5 or 80 behind my star at 23 (was riding 75 but thats just too short). I ride at 82.5 & 3540 RPMs on an LSA (ha, buddy's malicruise was broken and we had to peg speed by RPMs) behind my buddy's MXZ, 70 & 24 (i think) behind the 210, 75 & 22.6 behind a VLX, etc etc.
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