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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
So are you nominee 1, 3 or 4?
Thats funny........ No Taylor is not nominated and neither am I. I think that everyone knows that if they try to give that POS award to me that I will terminate the ongoing tradition and it will either be burned in a campfire or tossed into the nearest dumpster. The award is so stupid.

I find it interesting that not all winners of the award did something stupid. Example nominee #3 hurt himself skiing. He did not hurt himself like one of our members did by breaking an arm while trying to rollerblade or skateboard in his empty swimming pool or like one other member who left his boat tied up next to the dock with the dock line attached to the throttle. Next thing you know is the boat is in gear and ends up on the dock with the prop chopping away at the walk way. The owner meanwhile had left the boat and was at the ramp trying to retrieve his trailer and was 400yards away and totally helpless at the time. Or like another member who left her car in gear and got was 4' under water very soon after she got out of it and was under the skier path around 3 ball.

I also think that if you hurt yourself doing something stupid and yes you know you are hurt but you ski through the broken bones then your nomination should be voided.

The entire award is GHEY

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