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Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
I still want to hear the details of a past nomination avoided.
LMAO - you didnt forget did you... Luckily, my GF and Kyle were the ONLY ones that knew and they both kept their mouths shut...

Now, I will say I should have won it 2 years in a row... 2005 and 2006... And I SHOULD have won it in 2011.

2005: I broke my ski fin - I made it to 4 ball - head 1st... I lost to another member who wakeboarded into shore!

2006: The trailer for the boat at Ski haven fell on my foot and broke all my toes... but I also bent my trailer axle when I side swiped a t-post... I was a sure winner....

2011: Should have been a closer race... I mangled a garage door with my GFs boat tower... Oh and then trying to hammer the door back into its track, I managed to smash my finger hard enough the fingernail turned black and fell off... Also in 2011, one of our founding fathers who I have skied with since 2006 tore his ACL doing something stupid at the state fair, and my GF broke her trailer tongue when we were pulling the boat out of the Brazos!

For a comprehensive list of winners, you can click here


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