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MSCs Broken Ski Award 2012

The dubious honor of receiving the Broken Ski is bestowed on a Metroplex Ski Club member each year for some blunderous action they have been given credit for - whether deserved or not... The recipient adds an item to the ski to signify the act that earned this distinction...

So far for 2012, we have four nominees:

Nominee #1 has been dubbed the most injury prone... As described by another member:

1. Boat prop cut-stitches (In His Wakes)
2. Cross bow bruise while at Spring Fling
3. Hitting head on bottom side of boat platform-knot (In His Wakes)
4. Wood fell on head while working on jump. Gash in head.
5. MCL damage to right knee while jumping. (doctor ordered Physical therapy)
6. Spider bite possibly scorpion while at spring fling. Major infection -tested for staff.
7. ...... See nominee #2 below....


Nominee #2 comes as a by-product of nominee #1 because the story was being hushed up to avoid a nomination:

7. [Name] was giving [Name] a "tutorial" as [Name] called it prior to a ski show. She is on his shoulders and he falls backward coming over rollers. Thinking he could pull out of it, he holds onto the rope. As a result the rope pulled on her leg from the top all the way to her ankle. [Name] had a bruise that just about covered her entire leg.


Nomination #3 goes to a member who was going all out early in the year at our annual Spring Fling campout... What we thought was a simple ankle injury ended up being a broken bone and the end of the season...


Nomination #4 is going to one of the clubs longest time members and show skiers for the sinking of the portable jump at the end of a show! I had the responsible party list dwindled down to 3 based on a process of elimination and what I heard members say about it... Yes, I finally have details and I have now the name of the person ultimately responsible! Sweet!

Now, I want a few more nominees and stories... This is going to be fun telling the stories I have gathered at our xmas party next month!

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