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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
After reading the speech a number of times so I could wrap my head around the big picture and insert his details.."all I can think of is we are screwed"....

I admire him for saying that he was unable to achieve what the constitution wanted. No one else would have said so.

So for now we are again stuck until the mid year elections. Market dying... Obama smiling....
The middle class is base with the biggest amount of dollars...the Obama - what a fricken liar...and I hate that he thinks we are "all" stupid... not enough dollars in the top 1.5%.

Sooo how many months before a National Sales Tax... I know its comin.....
When 99% are made to turn on the 1%, the 1% had better hit the road because that 99% is gonna be at their doorstep with their hands out. If they were smart, they'd go after the top 10%- it would be less of a hit and might be more accepted. But, since Democracy is all about "majority rules", 99% constitutes a pretty strong majority. So, how is it that small groups sue to make the majority do what the small groups want?
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