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A lot of people had problems with copycat...I didn't.

I asked for the heaviest vinyl that they carried and they sent a sample. The quality and weight was as good as anything out there.

My skins fit and they did what I wanted. They included all of the extras to match, hide-um, welting, etc. All I had to do was install.

Now, the price worked out to about $1,200 to do my 1993 190.

On the pain in the azz is very high. I am a very picky person when it comes to this kind of stuff. I could get the same results as a pro, BUT, it took me way longer. I got faster as I went along.

A major issue is getting just the right amount of tension or stretch on the skins so that there aren't any wrinkles. There was a lot of staple pulling and adjustments on the first few cushions. By the end of the job, I was pretty fast.

My major tip, is to leave the skin you are about to work on out in the sun, and get it really hot. Then when you install, you want it tight, but don't over do it, that creates its' own wrinkles.

Ths isn't the greatest picture in terms of showing detail, but it gives you an idea. You can see the fit of the skins and the seems etc.
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