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If used is a consideration, then take a look at the last gen 4Runner. It had the 4.7L V8 as an option... I have a '07 and dad has a '08, theyve been great. Tow capacity on the V8 4wd is 7k... 7200 for the 2wd.

Im still a little confused on the size though- do you want smaller or no? If you want smaller than a full size, then midsize is going to be the next step down- Taco, 4Runner, JGC, Touareg, etc all fall into this size range... but youre saying its too small? A full size SUV (Land Cruiser, Tahoe, etc) will be shorter than the CrewMax by a good bit, but still just as wide... and they'll drink just as much gas- so I dont see the change as being significant enough to justify. Maybe you should just keep the Tundra?

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