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Originally Posted by mayo93prostar View Post
Rat, great job on the article and the leaque. I was a member of MSC back in 1987-1988 while working in Dallas. We used to ski on North Lake out by the airport and then they got the Marine Creek site. I participated in the ski league way back then and it helped alot. I remember the club was the sponsor for the Coors Light Waterski tour stop held at Marine Creek site and I got to meet Bob and Kris Lapoint, Jennifer Leachman, and others at a club get together at a local bar in Fort Worth. Probably showing my age a little now. The point is the Metroplex Ski Club was a great club back then and appears to be still going strong thanks to dedicated guys like you and others noted. Keep it up.
Thanks man! Yes, it was alot of work but it was alot of fun too! All the way till the cookout on week 8!

So, looking through your profile, I have no idea who you are... So, who are you?
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