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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
If you don't have the walk thru door, jsut the windshield closed won't cut it though. Mine would still work it's way out with the windshield closed.
Isn't the X2 MC's best selling model for a while now? Lots of them out there, have you tried the salvage yards? I think the seats are the same size as the X15 too, what about the guy who's yellow X15 got washed up in the Sandy storm?

Or a little midnight auto might get you one!
True - '06 does not have the billet door??? The base is just the black plastic Roto-Plas??? Have not found a source for this, but sure it is on here somewhere. They did put a tether for the rear seats, not sure why not on that seat. (like the Velcro idea) I tried putting the driver seat all the way back, helped most times, but would still pop out, but never flew out of the boat, even after a 4 hour tow, always would find it sitting on the floor, until I figured out the closed door method.
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