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The older Toureg V10 TDI's can be had in the $30's in good condition now. They actually seem like a deal compared to what they cost new. They pull like a train. Same hp/tq as the older DMaxes. Not sure if they're finicky or super relaible though.
For the money, I'd look at Grand Cherokees or Dodge Durangos. The 2nd Gen Durangos are butt ugly IMO, but can get them with the 5.7 Hemi. Old boss had the Chrysler version (aspen?) and said it towed his 22' Supra better than his Avalanche 5.3. The new Durangos are sharp looking again, probably find one in your price range.
I know they offered 4 Runners with a V8. Tow rating on those should be close to what you're looking for too I'd think. Never seen a V8 Tacoma though, but I got a buddy who has put the TRD supercharger on his last 3 trucks. 2 Tundras and an older Taco. That Taco with the blower would run up to the Eisenhower Tunnel (I 70, Colorado, proving grounds for how well your truck can tow up a 7% ? grade at 10k ft at highway speeds.) witha 3 sled trailer at 75mph no problem. Any blown Toyota would tug your boat around Texas with ease.

You could probably get a good deal on a TRD supercharger setup being in wholesale parts!
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