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Originally Posted by TRBenj View Post
Two of my buddies have Access cab V6 4x4's. Check out for the specs.

Not sure youre going to have much luck finding a 4x4 truck/suv that's bigger than a midsize (Tacoma) and smaller than a full size (Tundra). The only truck that fits that description that I can think of is the previous gen Tundra... its just a bit bigger than the current Taco. I thought the point was to go smaller and more fuel efficient, though? Cant have your cake and eat it too!
ya, thank you, I found it. I'm not sure how I missed that. "Towing capacity (lb.) (standard/with V6 Tow Package) 3500/6400" Very impressive for such a small vehicle. But I want a tow rating somewhere near 7500 lbs. I know its going to be difficult to find something. I'm being very picky.

I am looking for something in the size range of the Grand Cherokee, or the Toureg. It doesn't have to be a pickup.
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