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Originally Posted by jdl xstar View Post
First shot was after take off from LA heading to Detroit, second was en route somewhere over norhtern AZ I think.

It was was a day trip around the country without leaving an airport and ending up back home later that day. I was doing a "mileage run" with the sole purpose of logging as many miles as possible so i can get closer to my next status tier before the end of the year when the clock starts over. I know it may sound odd, but its a common practice if you care about getting or maintaining status with an airline. So, yesterday's route was Orlando to Atlanta, to Los Angeles, to Detroit, back to Orlando. Logged about 5500 miles. Good times.

Funny though, I miscalculated the miles I would get so I am still a little short! Unless a work trip comes up, I may need to do it again!
That is my nightmare - I hate airports and do not enjoy flying at all. I would have paid not to fly.
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