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2006 X2 Seat Missing!

Dang it, put my boat back together after pulling it apart from winterizing to find out the seat behind the driver seat is missing! The only thing I can think of is it must have flown out when I didn't put all the seats back in place because I was only driving 2 miles down the road at 30-40 mph 3 weeks ago (to get a little gas in my dry tank so that I could stable it)? Did try backtracking my drive and didn't come up with anything.

Found I have 2 options:
1. Order a "skin" from Mastercraft for $180, need to still find a quote on what it would take to build? I do know of local MN guy I'll ask and probably another shop to compare.

2. Called Jim "The Upholstery Guy" in TN from a previous post on here. Sounds like a great guy and he said he can do the whole thing for $150!

Of course I'd like to get as close to an exact match. I'll attach a picture.

Wondering if someone with a 2006 X2 measure and take pictures of top and bottom of their seat for me? I guessing there is a plastic bar or 2 to keep it in place, would like those measurements too. Thanks in advance!

I'm open to all other ideas too?
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