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Originally Posted by JohnE View Post
Have you seen the 2013's?
Only the video posted here and I agree, they look a lot like a boatmate, right down to no boat buddy and UFP actuators. In the last 6 yrs have owned 2 boatmates, 1 MC, and 1 extreme. Before that I had a easytow for 13 years and they have been making them since '65. Trying to be as open minded as possible and there are a number of reasons on which I base my conclusions, but here goes: 1, easytow: Painted and galvanised,top build quality, good components. 2, Boatmate, some disappointing features but mainly high quality components. 3, Extreme, same components as BM but poor attn to detail and not as durable. 4, MC. Poor components built by beancounters down to a price. If BM are now building MC trailers it is a step in the right direction IMO. Why? Because BM went to easytow to reengineer their trailers before they managed to secure exclsuive contracts with Malibu, CC, Supra and Centurian. If they've managed to do it with MC then it is a step in the right direction for mine. Have a look at easytow and compare
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