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Originally Posted by TOO-TALL View Post
I would remove the new impeller.When the impeller stays in there all winter the vains will take a "set" and might crack on start up in the spring.
Put the impeller back in next spring.
Everything else looks good.
^^ +1 - but sell the fake a lake to Malibu owner .. and make one of these...attach to raw water get a constant visual on fluid - antifreeze level... $10 bucks.. watch this video... - Can'tRepeat made the video.. the bucket is $10. The tube of plastic epoxy(polyester resin) was more than the bucket and PVC fitting.

Definitely pull the impeller if new... and spray some 303 on it and put it in a plastic bag to keep it in good shape for next season. I wet block with RV -50 antifreeze so I leave old impeller in. New impeller and gasket in packaging along with new gasket. I like the corrosion inhibitors to keep the inside of the exhaust manifolds, risers and block from oxidizing more...
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