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Originally Posted by mybobtail View Post
ok thanks for all the feedback. but i just want to clarify a couple things. the boat is 3 hours old and hasnt been sitting i used it the week before.and as to the dry start i dont actaully turn the motor over completley i just turn the key for a bout 2 seconds just to see if there is enough kick . i did it with my X14 for 2 years and had done it with my jetski prior to that.
i have attached a pic of the impeller. Dealer said maybe at the factory they might have done a few dry starts.anyway it has been replaced and all go for poets day .
A jet ski and a boat with a car engine are two completely different machines and a jet ski doesn't have a rubber impeller- it has a metal one.

If you crank it for two seconds, you aren't doing much to the impeller. If the impeller was destroyed, something else is going on- does the hour meter show 3 hours, or is that how much time YOU put on it? The factory doesn't do many dry starts- it would be absolutely irresponsible for them to do that and leave it to the dealer to handle this kind of abuse. Did you check the oil cooler, yet?
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