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Originally Posted by psychobilly View Post
That really depends if you have out of state tags.... If the state your coming from don't require trailer tags on boat trailers then you are in a world of several trips and a few hundred dollars! It was nasty! My skiff I have had for 8 years or so and I still haven't put tags on it... Both boats were bought in Alabama, which do not require you to have trailer tags... There's a thread in here on my saga too....
Oregon has plates for the trailer but no tags required... The boat I just got my oregon renewal so not going to pay that obviously. I guess I am not in a hurry on the boat stuff since I have a million other things to do first...

As for storage, just really need a warehouse. I don't care about valet etc since I am not even sure where I will use it for now. It's nice here I was a 15min drive from house to river so I could go after work on fridays even... I am hoping I can get away with keeping it at the house during the summer and storing during the winter like I did here. It's going to suck not being about to go out every friday/sat all summer and drive back.. I think nicer water is going to be a planned activity with a maybe overnight stay.. Or a long drive home.
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