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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
Have you ever seen an "Indmar dealer"? No, you see MasterCraft, Malibu, Supra/Moomba, Nautique and other names on the dealership. The boat may use Indmar drives but the manufacturer usually does the service training and is the first line when it comes to warranty coverage. By stating that replacement should be at 100 hours, MC is saying that it's better to be careful than lucky. Also, WRT boat owners who want to do their own service- how were they trained? The vast majority have no idea how their engine and its control system work, yet they steam ahead and do things to a boat that costs a whole lot more than their car(s). Do they know what to look for when inspecting an impeller? If they think having all of the vanes is the extent of this, they're asking for trouble. If they overheated, did they stop the repair at replacing the impeller and gasket (the gasket WAS changed, right?) or did they also inspect the whole exhaust system? If the engine overheated, there's a good chance that nothing was going through the rest of the engine or exhaust.
Well, while I agree about the 100 hr (I personally do so as this is the amount of hours I tend to put on the boat in the course of the season and I put in a new one at the beginning of each season), the dealership affialted to the brand processes the warranty, the engine manufacture provides the warranty for the engine itself, not Mastercraft. Mastercraft may be the first point of contact, MC will be quick to push any engine warranty item to the engine manufacturer - rightfully so. When I had an issue with an oil leak (one of those so small of a leak it was a real PITA), it was Indmar who authorized the warranty work and told the dealer to pull the engine for testing.

IMO: I think most people are capable of inspecting and replacing an impeller, at least those that take the time to research the issue properly. It's almost equivalent to saying people are too stupid to change/inpect the air cleaner on thier automobile. Yes, some will make bad decisions to save a couple of bucks. Others will look at the cost of $35 as a minute expense in the grand scheme of boating. On the other hand if I put 110 hours on an impeller in a season, I would not change it until the beginning of the following season. Paying a trained mechanic's hourly shop rate of $200 to spend the time to change oil or an impeller is silly considering that I enjoy doing it myself.

Also, don't the engine manufacturers conduct the engine service/maintenance training not Mastercraft?
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