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Originally Posted by GoneBoatN View Post
Funny thing is I notice my mastercraft manual (2010) says to change the impeller every 100hrs while the Indmar manual says to inspect every 100hrs and change every 2 years.
Have you ever seen an "Indmar dealer"? No, you see MasterCraft, Malibu, Supra/Moomba, Nautique and other names on the dealership. The boat may use Indmar drives but the manufacturer usually does the service training and is the first line when it comes to warranty coverage. By stating that replacement should be at 100 hours, MC is saying that it's better to be careful than lucky. Also, WRT boat owners who want to do their own service- how were they trained? The vast majority have no idea how their engine and its control system work, yet they steam ahead and do things to a boat that costs a whole lot more than their car(s). Do they know what to look for when inspecting an impeller? If they think having all of the vanes is the extent of this, they're asking for trouble. If they overheated, did they stop the repair at replacing the impeller and gasket (the gasket WAS changed, right?) or did they also inspect the whole exhaust system? If the engine overheated, there's a good chance that nothing was going through the rest of the engine or exhaust.

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